SOLOPI77A workshop

SOLOPI77A  9 und 10 April 2022, Saturday and Sunday15:30h to 19:00h hosted by PSR collective/Uferstudios Wedding, Studio 16.  Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin Please register before under: free admission with registration. 3G+mask A lab which, after a brief warm-up, focuses on research through improvisation, towards hints of composition, between observation and involvement. Queer, not conforming, […]

Fallen Bird

Performance for outdoorspace and staircase and lift music by JD ZAZIE performance and concept RILABEN ph.rehearsal picture by Lola Lustosa We are glad to share our programmFriday 10th December 19:00 – 22:0019:00 Exhibition Opening19:30-19:45 “Lauratibor” performance opera by Lause10 Lause Bleibt20:00-21:00 Panel21:00-22:00 “Fallen Bird” performance by RI Laben Saturday 11th December 12:00 – 18:0012:00 […]


2021. January/October Work in Progress. Open rehearsal: 13 November 2021, Limonaia Sesto Fiorentino Leopard date. Residencies in Italy with the support of Kinkaleri|SpazioK Centro di Residenza Regionale, Company Blu and residency at ALDES/SPAM! rete per le arti contemporanee”. In 2018/2020 in Berlin, residency at Tanzfabrik, Uferstudios/ PSR Collective, Tatwerk Performative Forschung and Tanzbüro/Prenzlauer promenade.

ZTB new board member

Is been a great pleasure to become a board member of contemporary dance free scene association in Berlin. Together with the great group of people elected, and the previous board expertise to acknowledge for the interest of all the members of the association, I’m doing my best to volunteer for the interest of the international […]

Intuition topic

Thanks to the inspiring conversation From keynote speeches and talks held in previous summer meetings, Berlin-born visual artist Stephanie Hanna Zu Thun und Lassen collected thoughts that give direction, hope and momentum for an emancipatory transitioning towards a humane earthly survival. I was thinking again about this today,lived%20experiences%20and%20reality%20itself.

Guest teacher Accademia di recitazione e cinema Toscana, Lucca 2020+2021

Performance and Body in ´motion´ Workshop for actors about Performance and contemporary dance approach to body, training, composition, based on Alwin Nikolais pedagogy and different techniques and experiences. Ricercatore di significati in ambito performativo: corpo, presenza ed esperienza condivisa, intuizione. La danza dei sensi nell’architettura del tempo prevede canoni unici relativi a ogni attore