RILABEN, aka Enrico L’Abbate, works as performer, artist, author, researcher between performing, dance and visual art. Studied Architecture, Alwin Nikolais/Luis dance Technique,  following for several years M. Feldenkrais lessons, different approaches to the body in the performing arts. Studied Architecture, theater / set design, acting and drawing, singing and painting.

He is working through intuition and thematic improvisation to set alive installations of bodies and materials, space and music, related with biographical and philosophical approach to art, audience perception of the event and site specific contemporary frame.

After different small experiences ,he creates his first ‘CONT’ solo piece in 2012 inspiered by the fiction ‘A Man Without Quality’ by R.Musil in the fram of S.Bucci Company ( A.Nikolais/C.Carlson assistant) . He develops a first version of 10 minutes , with the music of JD Zazie, in Florence, Poznan, and a second version of 30 minutes performed first at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao in a duo with C.Abati, performer and musician. Afterwards CONTsolo/duo is been presented in Italy and Portugal.


 in 2014/15  is RILABEN second work, development of the previous collaboration

with Cristina Abati cristinaabati

residency at Vivaio del Malcantone, SPAM Lucca, Limonaia /Company Blu, Spazio K Prato, support Gogmagog and première at Ada studio in Uferstudios Berlin.

BOWO,  third ongoing project from 2013/2017, is inspired by Cso group call, Arteleku/San Sebastian, Spain, who invited LABEN to lead  in 2013  a week of workshop about bodies in motion, reflecting on Deleuze-Guattari, A.Artaud theory essay, ‘ A body without organs’.

In Berlin the project starts with the live sound of Antonio Bravo and the duo research with A.Martini and is finally presented in both Italy and Germany with the live music by

JD Zazie JD Zazie

 with several performers as Alexandra Zoe, C.Abati, C.Gumbodete.

in Florence, Berlin and Bologna with the support of THM 2015, Tatwerk 2015/16, Tanzfabrik, Spektrum Art Technology 2016, Le murate/Open Art Project 2015, Peraspera Festival 2016.

New performance projects in 2017, IN-EXtension from Beckett’s “All strange away”, first studio in Tatwerk Berlin, second step at Bologna ERT in January 2018 with J.Anand and A.Zoe.

I’m also being part of MOR 2017, month of research at Ufers studios ,   a collective experience that I shared with Marko Pejovic, dramaturg, Sara Simeoni, dancer choreographer performer, Alexandra Zoe, actrice and performer, working toghether on the topic of artist success and identity, on the star system and authorship topic in contemporary art, in a collective process. THIS IS (NOT) A LOVE SONG FOR BORYS SCHARMATZ.

A new direction with live/ video performance, gender fluid, selfies and karaoke/drug paly back, starts in September 2018 with STADT WF in Flutgraben Open/Occupy Flutgraben,

The next studio of it is been presented in a dance version in Tatwerk 2019, We are all unicorns, with the name of SOLOkaiser PIZZA. Work in progress.

From 2018 I also work on “SAI, a thing that feels” inspired by M.Perniola book and encounter with the author of ‘The sex appeal of the inorganic’ , dance voice bodies live in an audio visual relation with objects and inorganic reality.

Premiere at Uferstudios, Tanzfabrik Openspaces, 16/17th July 2019

with Alexandra Zoe, Performance

Errikos Stamatakis , Sound design + Music, Noir Fidelity Records

Pascal Stodieck ,Visuals 
Pamela Barberi, Camera.
Next project presentation Open/Occupy Flutgraben 2020..