cropped-schermata-2017-06-18-alle-11-53-231.pngTino Seghal /Beckett Volksbuhne, 12.11.2017

Organisation was difficult, we enter and they say just no, you can not go inside, you have to wait, nobody give indications..the crowd around first floor is loud, videos’ audio you can not listen, Roter Salon is closed from inside..kind of frustrating atmosphere.

The Beckett’s works are clean and effective, from another director, actors are very good, light and video projections too..

the interactive part form the choreographer is not always easy in this kind of space..

A bit messy in general, but something, somehow, I liked to listen stories, see children playing the dancers, walk on the stage, I liked the unbuilding scene, the 10% discount giving a feedback about market economy..although was very naif, and the big light of the theatre moving up and down, together with many lights games connected sometimes with the chorus’ electricity’..I have the feeling Beckett would like it! The chorus composition, very ‘casual’ was strange, different, the singing part quite organic, although absurd in terms of words.

Stories were in German unfortunately.

The web site and program are very difficult to read and follow, I think they need a new design!




  • Berlin is dying?

Hau3 , Solange die Nacht wirbelt, Josep Caballero Garcìa,Premiere.

I had a last minute ticket, i was giving flyers outside.. now I feel like writing…

I ask again, ticket yes! ok no reduction possible, ok..13

I don’t know the artist, ok.. I have just with credit card, fine? they are not happy, but is fine..

Oh I enter and yes, I know a performer, he is nice!

We enter and they clap to us, the stage is open, we have to move, to be disturbed, they are loud, possessed..ok, was written ritual ok, some movement are powerfull!

(It reminds me a performance I did, body without orgasm, but here they seem to have it somehow..but this is in a much more forward, aggressive, may be I’m always not enough brave, as my mother says.)

10 minutes..I would leave. It is too pushed in an impressive direction for me, with this structure, with this transparent plastic, so ’90’s…

but I’ll stay, as Diego group wrote at Ufers Mor, we are addicted to make sense, or look for one..

at the end is a fashion revival, ’90’s, and looks rude to leave and might happen something at one point!

I stay, I join the gender revolution for rights, freedom, in many countries is still an utopia.. I feel?

shouldn’t be art?

How to describe a sense of embarrassment in a politically polite way?

Don’t know why, don’t know ‘Hau’, but Berlin’s curators of  big venues might be confused as I was nowadays ?

Might be the coming Volksbuhne international management which increase the stress? No that’s just my brain going around storming..

An artist should be at the artists’ side!

yes, but what if doesn’t agree with choreographer’s taste of pathos?

Ok, in every level there is a sense, if I’m slow and someone is fast, is not better or worst..

No, wait, is not about intensities, as Deleuze suggested, that’s more like chaos, especially someone can’t follow this level of energy so long! well I couldn’t do either, but then why to show their failure?

Why do you wanna expose your performer to this unlucky condition?

So we can see human beings limits and forgot about gender?

No is probably the final episode of a new era..building society on a new base.

I think..

Best things and experiences of the city are already far from many main venues, Festivals , that recently in 2012/13, they appeared to me promising and open. No more..

Now most interesting things happen in foreign institutes in Berlin, out of Berlin, and eventually for free! Is that the same Cultural buisness or is different? No idea..

Some institutions are dying inside gentrification of the city and my eyes can’t see any new sense, apart from politically polite choices between different countries, biographical aspects of artists, gender or other valuable topics for progressive politics and mysterious curators prospectives?

There is still a sense in making ‘theatre (dance, performance, whatever) as a collective practice, save people from craziness and loneliness, depression or oppression..

But this is social value, is culture..but what about Art ( love M. Spängberg’s words, if i can!)

Wait, wait, my ignorance, this Caballero cv comes from far away, Haupstadt  Kultur Fonds is just the last help, Goethe institute Marokko and many others before etc.. might be very famous in France too, let’s check his website!

Well I see he was already in Hau with a piece on masculinity in german dance performances, it sounds interesting I have to say.. I should ask them if they have a video.

Well, nothing against this guy personally of course, apart that I would like to know, why there is this Isabelle Adjani paper in the program?? that’s the nicest weird surprise ever, what’s the reference? another body , divas bodies

Is that part of the utopia beyond binary social structures?

I’m confused, might be something in the movie ” Un pays pour mourir”, might  you know  and explain me something about it?

Well, I have to say that was a show in which death was visible, and also the real risk of some dancers made me unfortunately  angry about death possibility , than not existentialist.

Nothing against progressive themes, at least, but why don’t give them a better quality if we pay European Founding to develop arts innovation or at least challenging practices?
There was one, there were almost some good performers mixed with a kind of general student naif enthusiast crowd attitude, and they were enjoyable, clear, as the lights, sounds and costumes often, so somebody’s work joined me properly…but about main choices.. I have to say, as a landscape was a war landscape, and still crowded, but also  loud and ineffective to me. You know when you start screaming at somebody and in the same time wanna cook a good dinner? well was a bit of everything, a good lesson to try to avoid for me. Of course, just for me.

How could I help without saying that? I had to leave, I was sorry for the dancers, they were generous.
Berlin..might be the wrong show, just a tired audience member or frustrated artist, or some people are really loosing their focus.

Next city?

LABEN (only)