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ph. BOWO, a body without orgasm, 2015, Le Murate, Firenze, primo studio.

I was born under the Leaning Tower of Pisa, from a father  born in Gondar, Ethiopia and a mother born in via del Mare, Livorno, who grew up among the Florence’ good society.

My granparents went to Africa from Apulien, my gran father was a doctor, son of a doctor, son of a Monk of the Abbey of Polignano a Mare.





RILABEN is a performer, author, researcher. Studied Architecture, PAP pilot project from IYMT european network for young makers theater in Bilbao/Amsterdam/Birmingham/Porto with the support of Leeds University , after finishing  A. Nikolais/Luis Pedagogy Certificate Programm by Simona Bucci Company.
He learned principles from different techniques as Release/Contact Improvisation  with Company Blu , Laban with R,Haisma and M. Feldenkrais with R.Bozarth, as well as different approaches to the body in the performing arts in workshop and P.Mereu CCCP program in Florence and C.Rizzo, Kinkaleri, V.Sieni, C.Carlson, S.buirge, D.dupuy, D. Mercy and many others. .
He is now working through intuition and stratification of improvisation, to set an alive installation of bodies related with philosophical approach to art, audience perception of the event , experimental or pop music and site-specific frame. He collaborated with several companies as dancer, performer, even in many Opera Theaters, like with Abbado, Martone at Stadtsoper, ‘Wagner Ring’ by Fura des baus, R. Andò version of ‘Winterreise’ by Schubert and many others.
He creates his first ‘CONT’ piece inspired by plastic, daily pollution and resistance, through ‘A Man Without Qualities’ by R. Musil in 2012 , with the music of JD Zazie, in Florence, Poznan, and then, at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, in a duo version with C.Abati. The piece will travel through Italy and Portugal.
The second piece ‘DUO’ with C.Abati,in 2014/15 after several residencies, at Vivaio del Malcantone, SPAM Lucca, Limonaia /Company Blu, Spazio KPrato, première at Ada studio Berlin.
BOWO, third  project from 2013/2017, was inspired by Deleuze-Guattari, A.Artaud theory, ‘ A body without organs’, invited from  Cso group in Arteleku art center, San Sebastian, who invited RILABEN to teach in a workshop  and as a durational performance is  presented with live music by JD Zazie.
In Florence, Murate Art Center, Berlin Spektrum Art technology/Tatwerk and Bologna PerAspera Feastival. New performances projects in 2017, IN-EXtensionfrom Beckett’s “All strangeaway”, first studio in Tatwerk Berlin, second step as a ‘duo’ at Bologna ERT in January 2018.
STADT WF was a performance presented at Flutgraben Berlin in September 2018 for OpenOccupy .
As part of MOR 2017, month of research at Ufers studios , he is working on ‘Borys Charmatz’ critical subject’ with ‘Vier Ludenasta’ group.
In 2018 is selected as re-performer for the exhibition ‘The Cleaners’ from M. Abramovic /Linsey Peisinger.
Performer for GUCCI Garden and THE PLANT Magazine is in Florence in 2019, as well for Kath Frankie video and other projects.
He is leading a performance project ‘The Skin of the space’ in 2019 at Tanzfabrik Uferstudios an premiered “SAI, a thing that feels” at Openspaces festival,  inspired by the Italian philosopher M. Perniola ‘The sex appeal of the inorganic’ , a performance based on dance voice bodies music, happening live in an audio visual relation with objects, video, and inorganic materials, thanks to Tanzfabrik with A. Zoe, P. Stodieck, E. Stamatakis.
In 2020 and 2021 Rilaben is teaching privately and in Theater Academy of Tuscany ‘Performance and body in motion’. His studio is now in Berlin at Flutgraben e.V. He is baking two new projects SOLOPI77A and CaraLucy in this difficult time, reflecting his and Europe identity in dialog with sexual orientation, generational gap, mediterranean and north western privilege, and more..
OpenOccupy Flutgraben e.V. 2020 is going to happen in 2021 ,  soon..and a site specific performance with the music of JDZazie is going to happen! see you