SOLO PIZZA 77 back..backing..will be backed in Pankow Berlin. in this week of residency through relational performance, dramaturgy feedback etc.. Callas died in 1977. And then I’m born! I’m serious! SOLO PIZZA research dialoguesToday, until Oct 18, 2020, 6 occurrence(s) Oct 12, 2020 05:00 PM Oct 13, 2020 05:00 PM Oct 14, 2020 05:00 PM Oct 15, […]

Intuition topic

Thanks to the inspiring conversation From keynote speeches and talks held in previous summer meetings, Berlin-born visual artist Stephanie Hanna Zu Thun und Lassen collected thoughts that give direction, hope and momentum for an emancipatory transitioning towards a humane earthly survival. I was thinking again about this today,lived%20experiences%20and%20reality%20itself.

Workshop in Lucca 2020

Performance and Body in ´motion´ Workshop for actors about Performance and contemporary dance approach to body, training, composition, based on Alwin Nikolais pedagogy and different techniques and experiences. Ricercatore di significati in ambito performativo: corpo, presenza ed esperienza condivisa, intuizione. La danza dei sensi nell’architettura del tempo prevede canoni unici relativi a ogni attore


Is a performantive ‘solo’, a biographical fiction, that deals with personal playlists, in between topics like Italy, social and political standards, stereotypes. A circle is a shape, eventually creating a platform, to invite others to activate one personal mechanism. Ingredients? As Italy is been part as well of G7, G8, G20, but G77 was made […]


Second sketch of a larger research around identity, perception, cultural stereotypes and a circular event, like a Pizza on a table, a Kaiser in a parliament or a solo human being in between many others. Residency and first studio presentation at Flutgraben, video/performance installation in ‘STADT WF’ (spanish song) and residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin in […]