CONT 2013

based on ‘The man without qualities’ by R.Musil

The project, inspired by R.Musil ‘Man without qualities’, is a deconstructive approach to the fiction, as the book, in a transition from stage modern dance to performance art.

My previous Nikolais Technique experience as dancer/teacher with S.Bucci company, becomes here a never ending quantic work in space/time, which I developed from 2011 under the idea of water and plastic bottles.

It’s performed in C. Florida, Florence and Poznan(PL), with a LABEN remix sound, with the music advice and contribution of JD Zazie in primis, C.Abati and M.M.Robbiani later on.

In his last fase, to be performed in Guggenheim Museum Bilbao for ACT Festival 2013, the work is developed with the music and performance of Cristina Abati in a duo version.

In this version will be performed also in Porto(PT) and Florence.


Published by: RILABEN

Performer and teacher, choreographer and visual artist, Berlin, Italy and Europe. Always in transition, between intuitions and structures, experimental research and professional work.

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