Fallen Bird

Performance for outdoorspace and staircase and lift

for OpenOccupy


music by JD ZAZIE

performance and concept RILABEN

ph.rehearsal picture by Lola Lustosa


We are glad to share our programmFriday 10th December 19:00 – 22:0019:00 Exhibition Opening19:30-19:45 “Lauratibor” performance opera by Lause10 Lause Bleibt20:00-21:00 Panel21:00-22:00 “Fallen Bird” performance by RI Laben

Saturday 11th December 12:00 – 18:0012:00 Exhibition and Open Studios12:00-15:00 “Die Feel~Cam : -)” workshop by Katharina E. Schoeller15:00-15:30 “Freiheit halten” performance by Marta Lodola15:45-16:45 “Fallen Bird” performance by RI Laben17:00-18:00 Video Art programm “Video Art Is Distant” curated by Jos Diegel


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