San Tarcangelo Festival 2018

Santarcangelo festival 2018 I spent 3 days in Santarcangelo and I saw almost everything there. I was tired, I was from Berlin and the ‘a very discreet Sunday karaoke night’ of Lilith has certainly regenerated me more than anything else. But the village, the organization, the contrasts, the intellectual effort along with the metal concerts, […]

NEWS and Performing For Friends

27 September 2017 presse LABEN performing for Kat Frankie Bad Behaviour video         7 September 2017   This is (not) a love song for Borys Scharmatz /Vier Ludanasta company MoR/ Uferstudios Berlin, Studio 1     15 May 2015   A2 Company London/ The Cycles/ Tuscany site specific / Lucca   […]