SAI 2018 Tanzfabrik/Uferstudios, residency investigation/research

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The project is born after meeting the philosopher Mario Perniola , after reading some of his aesthetic writings and especially his book ‘The sex appeal of the inorganic’. As a different but parallel prospective on the well known Deleuze/Guattari, Artaud , The body without organs, that I studied performative wise, from 2013, in Artelku San Sebastian, CsO group, we now started to experiment about this text rich of intuitions and visions , to research what does it means to mix abstraction and sexuality, inorganic materials and organic feelings, bodies and plastic materials, real space and virtual projections, sounds from the ambient and music, inside and outside, a democracy of the difference, an impact on our society, a prospective on his future, to live with and to create space..   ..    .

Concept,dramaturgy: Rilaben

performers: Sara Simeoni, Alexandra ZoeLaben

Music remix   Errikos Stamatakis

Visual artists invited Pascal Stoedieck

Thanks to Pamela Barberi and Chiara Amaltea Ciarelli for their artistic support, to Tanzfabrik Wedding and Studio Floez for the residency in Berlin.

Ad memoriam to Mario Perniola

Philosophy architecture landscape, texture opacity human beings’ and objects in sound and space. 
No gods NO animals.



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